A car accident can be stressful and damaging not only to your vehicle but also to your health.

Auto Accident injuries may show themselves as pain and stiffness are common, but other symptoms can include headaches, neck pain, numbness and tingling, arm pain, nausea, dizziness, vision changes, low back pain, sciatica, difficulty concentrating, difficulty swallowing, jaw pain, sore throat, hoarse voice, insomnia, anxiety, light headedness, ringing in the ears, shoulder pain or wrist pain.

At Elite Massage, we believe massage therapy can be used to rehabilitate an array of injuries, ailments and traumas. Massage is also an effective treatment for physical pain and mental stress due to a car accident injury or other injuries.

Whiplash? Auto Accident? Auto Injury?

If you or your loved ones are injured in an auto accident you will likely have coverage to get your injuries treated by a medical professional of your choosing by using your auto insurance.

Auto Ins. covers Therapeutic Massage!

You need a Massage Therapist who specializes in the treatment for whiplash and other auto accident injuries. 

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We specialize in injury massage and bill your auto insurance directly.

Jamie at Elite Massage, has worked with Chiropractors over 15 years on patients with Auto Injuries, Sport Injuries, and Trauma related injuries.

No "Fault"State

Minnesota is currently a “No Fault” state for car insurance. This means each person who owns a car insurance policy in the state of Minnesota is covered under personal injury protection “PIP”. Even if you are “at fault” or caused the accident you still have your own personal injury protection that will cover medical expenses from the car accident itself. This money in only accessible with a valid car insurance claim number and treatment must be started within 6 months of the accident. We recommend that if you have been in a car accident go in to the nearest medical doctor or chiropractor immediately to get checked for any injuries.  Whiplash is a progressive injury that usually takes anywhere from a week to a month to completely set in. Most patients don’t experience symptoms immediately after the accident because of an adrenaline rush. Only a few days after when the soft tissues start to swell do the victims start to feel pain. If you are experiencing pain from a recent car accident please give us a call at (612-638-8625) and we can go over your options for you and your insurance.

We accept your Doctors referrals!

Whether you see your Medical Doctor or Chiropractor, we accept referrals from your Doctor.  We have found that many people have their own Doctor or Chiropractor they wish to go to but  may not offer therapeutic massage at their office. We are happy to work with your Doctor to give you the best care possible. We also have Male/Female  Chiropractors we can recommend if needed.